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Abama Display GmbH has been successful for 60 years in the field of decoration and retail store interior design. Our core competence is the classic visual merchandising and, most recently, the creation of customised and holistic concepts for the shop window and retail design.

For this purpose our own newly developed team was launched. Our team of graphic designers, interior designers and visual merchandisers serves customers at home and abroad in multiple languages German, English and French.

We'll show you how your goods are to be optimally positioned and how our experience will strongly come into focus as your storefront makes people stop and look in amazement. We help integrate store front individual concepts. Let our project team counsel you and create a design that will allow you to look forward to a customised solution from a single source. Companies have relied on our expertise for nearly sixty years in the field of decoration and store interior design.

Moreover, in Visual Marketing (Retail) well-known chains rely on our expertise. We create expressive, innovative showcases involving thematically coordinated sales areas in which are reflected in the customers’ shopping experience. Our project team is innovative and experimental. We observe various markets and translate trends into compelling and effective decorative elements. Innovative designs that are tailored to the needs of the target group, relevant branding and profitability characterise the design concepts of abama Display.
Our professional relationship with our producers and developers allow us to produce individual and customized decoration concepts according to certain dimensions, shapes, materials and also with respect to special requirements in terms of packaging.

We only work with first-class producers and maintain our business relationships. We are pleased to present our skills and provide you with a full visual merchandising service.

Test our expertise.

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