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Creative and innovative - abama Display GmbH puts goods in a valuable light

As one of the largest suppliers for decoration articles in Europe, your decoration partner abama Display is growing. This succeeds with a broad, in the high genre extended product range, various themes, decoration examples, consulting and optimized logistics. More and more online than by catalog, just-in-time decoration materials and store equipment are sold to a clientele that is increasingly looking for value in the staging of the store window decoration and in the store interior.

Founded in 1957 as a trade of handicraft materials, abama Display GmbH has been active since 1987 as an importer and exporter in the decoration industry not only in Europe, but meanwhile also worldwide.
Today the company employs 30 employees and has a distribution network with partners in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. While the headquarters are located in Aachen, a modern logistics center with more than 5,000 pallet spaces is located in the Dutch city of Vaals. Abama's webshop contains more than 7,000 decorative items. The price range extends from 1 Euro to over 2,500 Euro articles. Compared to competitors, the focus is on the middle price segment. Besides big, also international department stores with illustrious names, abama's clientele also includes shopping centers, pharmacies, drugstores, hotels and restaurants, event and advertising agencies. Abama offers them professional decoration articles for seasons, festivities and holidays, a wide range of themes like plants and animals, school and sports, sale and event, maritime, travel and countries. In addition there are branch-specific decoration objects, store fittings, lighting elements and decoration sets. For mannequins, busts and torsos, Abama Display has entered a cooperation. The product range of the house reaches in detail from grit to the wedding carriage, from Christmas balls to animal dummies. The distribution takes place classically via catalog, increasingly via the online store or in case of special requests in project form. This may involve a modification of a decoration concept, creative requests or seasonal decorations, the design of an action area, the renewal of shop window figures or the presentation of a product in the phase of market launch.

Because in the eyes of Wolfram Liebhard, abama Display Art Director, valuable, artful and stylish decoration is being neglected today, he pleads for a return to quality and individuality. Consultation on site at the customer plays a particularly important role. "Some of the articles are comparable", says Liebhard, "that's why we invest in service". Apart from interesting conditions, concerning delivery times and transport, these are decoration suggestions and decoration examples or decoration concepts, references to the applicability as well as training for packing and decorating.

The tougher conditions in the retail trade are also affecting suppliers of decorative materials. Since the recession in 2000, abama has also had to adapt its products, marketing and sales to the rapidly changing market. Abama is becoming more and more modern, high-quality, individual, creative and up-to-date. In order to be able to react faster to trends, for example, the creative team was expanded. Thus the development phase from sketch to model is shortened from a few months to a few weeks. Today it is in demand to think like a visual merchandiser. Application examples shall prove how well abama can do this. Modern Christmas decorations for high-quality shop window decoration are therefore no longer religious or Santa Claus-like, but rather translucent, monochrome, winter white and crystalline for a festive atmosphere - embedded in a coherent, harmonious interplay of materials, colors and functions.

abama Display GmbH is your specialist in the field of professional window dressing, decoration and store fitting.